My name is William.
I was born on the 22nd of June 1997. I am Swedish, though my father is from Britain.
I am in the humanities program of the Swedish gymnasium (high school), and I study Japanese and French.
I also play the bass and started training aikido last year.

I like fashion and interior design, and I sort-of-like videogames, though I barely touch them now, compared to a few years ago.
I don’t like touching disgusting things, talking about how women look (feels patriarchy-esque and creepy) or talking about myself (feels vain and too personal).
Neither do I like my nose and cheeks, though I do like my hands and collarbones.

Some of the music I listen to:
Mallorca Scars
The Popopopops
Gogol Bordello
The Police
Lana Del Rey
Arcade Fire
Silvana Imam
Reggae is forever in my heart

Politically I am to the left, and I am a feminist and anti-racist. (As for political parties, I support primarily Femistiskt Initiativ (feministic initiative) and secondarily Vänsterpartiet (The Left Party)).

I'm glassmasil on instagram

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  1. Kawaminami shipyard, an abandoned shipyard in Saga, Japan.

    Found at artificialowl.net

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